CSEP Get Active Questionnaire

Embodied Climate Justice Fitness (ECJF) recommends use of the CSEP Get Active Questionnaire. This evidenced-based pre-screening tool has been developed by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) so that the majority of individuals can easily screen themselves in and feel confident to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of physical activity experiences.

The CSEP Get Active Questionnaire has been designed to be self-administered and empowers individuals to overcome perceived barriers to participation in physical activity. ECJF encourages you to use this tool to get an understanding of your readiness for physical activity and to help you decide whether you should consult a health care professional before becoming more active or starting a fitness program.

ECJF recommends that you fill out, sign and keep a copy of the questionnaire on file for yourself before participating in any exercises on the Activations page on this website.

Together, let’s engage in safe and enjoyable climate-aware physical activity experiences to grow the climate justice movement!