Embodied Climate Justice Fitness (ECJF) Introductory Blog

Welcome to Embodied Climate Justice Fitness (ECJF). My name is Anna Nieminen and I am a climate-aware group fitness instructor and blogger. I am canfitpro certified in Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) and Stress Resiliency.

As a climate-aware fitness professional I am hearing and learning more about the interconnected calls for climate justice and a just recovery from the global pandemic. I feel the need to align my group fitness offerings with these calls by interpreting fitness moves and choreography though a climate justice lens. I am using group fitness as a medium for creative climate communication.

Why join me in group fitness?

Climate change is a serious global issue impacting the health of individuals, communities, ecosystems and our planet. Many people are feeling confused, anxious and even afraid about the climate crisis. Join me and others as we envision, express with our bodies, and share our hope and intentions for bringing about a sustainable climate future for all.

  • Embodied Movement Together we will activate our climate awareness and practice. We will symbolize and cultivate climate justice principles, issues and ideals with physical activity to grow the climate justice movement.
  • Strengthen and Stretch Together we will strengthen our climate justice core values as well as our cores. We will stretch our climate justice consciousness as well as our bodies.
  • It’s time to take action Together we will resist eco-apathy and dystopian visions of the future. We will channel environmentally linked confusion, distress and eco-anxiety and inspire one another to better overall wellbeing and climate justice action.

I invite you to visit my Activations page to read about and view an Embodied Climate Justice Fitness (ECJF) Activation Practice Demo video. Why not try the activation practice for yourself, making any modifications to make it work for your body?

I would love to hear from you with any questions or feedback. You can contact me at climatejusticefitness@gmail.com to learn more about my ECJF activation practices and workshops. My hope is to grow the climate justice movement, with you, through movement.

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