Activate Your Learning Series

With this climate-aware fitness series, I invite you to activate your learning by reviewing these 3 infographics about health, sustainability & equity paired with 3 symbolic movement breaks. 1. Active travel (walk on the spot/forward&back) 2. Building retrofits (squat) 3. Public transit (double step). Why not try the suggested movements, making any modifications you need to for yourself? Thank you to Kim Perrotta at the Canadian Health Association for Sustainability & Equity (CHASE) for permission to use content from her posts.

You can also visit my Activations page to view a related 6min, mindful, climate-aware fitness practice demo video. Follow along with the video if you’d like to incorporate a little more climate-aware fitness into your day. Again, make it work for you with your own standing or seated modifications.

ECJF Activate Your Learning Series Infographic: Introduction
ECJF Activate your Leaning Series Infographic: Active Travel
Walk on the spot / walk forward & back
Walk with knee up and bicycle handlebar arms
ECJF Activate Your Learning Series Infographic: Building Retrofits
Squat symbolizing housing
Squat with arms overhead forming a roof
ECJF Activate Your Learning Series Infographic: Public Transit
Double step right with turnstiles twist from core
Double step left with turnstiles twist from core

With Embodied Climate Justice Fitness (ECJF) I am engaging in creative climate communication by interpreting fitness moves and choreography though a climate justice lens. My hope is to grow the climate justice movement, with you, through movement.

I would love to hear from you with any questions or feedback!

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